Marketing Solutions Simplified

ConversationPrism newHow often do you find yourself wondering about the 4 P's of marketing? Of course never! Your schedule is packed, and your plate contiues to get fuller (you didn't think it was possible, but evidently you were underestimating your capacity, so kudos on that front).  
It is unreasonable to expect you to comb the web and figure out how to design ads, create promotional videos, negotiate with printers, build virtual models of your work space, design a logo, design marketing collateral, build a website, measure website traffic, define your target, evaluate methods of reaching your target, and so on...
Just a quick look at the "Conversion Prism" (right) is enough to make most business owners dizzy. Futurist and award-winning author Brian Solis, composed a visual respresntation of the social media landscape in a single frame, with the goal of heloing us understand how all this "stuff" relates to each other, and where we might find ourselves in this giant wheel if chaos. Don't let it intimdate you though, we'll help you navigate.

Yes, we do all that stuff...

socialmediaIconsSilverMaybe you need a social media capmaigns, or a seires of newly deigned ads, promotional videos, printed collateral, virtual models, a logo, branding strategy, additions to your website, analytics help, or simply someone to listen to your ideas... the point is, you are unique, and so are your marketing needs. We understand that, and will take the time to undertand your uniqueness, before we make any tactical recommendations. 
We will chat with you about your goals, propose some options, and get to work.  So while you address the daily needs of your business, we address your markeitng and media needs.  And we'll do it with a smile (yes, clich√© but good and necessary).
Within this process, we get to know you and your business, and you get to know us. We'll solve many of the ongoing challenges you've been wrestling, and we think you'll like working with us :)