Bobak Bobak Salehi (electric violin, spanish guitar, vocals)

Bobak was born in Tehran, Iran. His musical journey began when he was eight years old, under the direction of his father Maestero Hossein Salehi, and later he studied violin with Maestro Davood Ganjei. After completing his classical violin studies with Eileen Dies and Anita Jones, he expanded his studies into world music, in particular the folk music of Latin America and Southern Spain. In 1999 the Oregon Historical Society recognized him as master artist. He has studies Kamancheh (Spiked Fiddle) with crossover recording artist Kayhan Kalhor of Yoyo Ma’s Silk Road Project. Bobak has performed regularly in the Portland Iranian Festival, the World Beat Festival, Northwest Folklife Music Festival, and Olympia Sacred Music Festival. In 2006, he was featured on the soundtrack of the award-winning film Cathedral Park. Most recently, he collaborated with San Francisco-based Translation Project in the creation of an original soundtracks for the world premieres of "ICARUS/RISE" (2008), followed by another original soundtrack for the newly released DVD "Persian Rite of Spring" (2010). Since 2012, Bobak has joined the Zyryab Project of Vancouver, BC.

Paul Evans (sax, flute, percussion)
Paul was born to a Gypsy family of unknown origin. Unable to pay for the large amount of food he ate (which went straight to his hair), they sold him to the Bavarian Circus. On a trip to the United States with Cirque Du Grotesque, he passed through Portland and was arrested for trying to eat a live poodle (part of his act was to swallow the poodle and then regurgitate it alive). In jail, he met the rest of the band members who were there for performing naked in protest to the French-Indian war. (Hope you enjoyed reading this :)
Chaz Chaz Hastings (tabla/percussion)
Another Native of Portland, Chaz has been studying world percussion for five years, starting with Arabic darbouka, followed by his study of the North Indian tabla, with Doug Scheuerell of Eugene. Chaz performed tabla at the Willamette Valley Folk Festival and the Eugene World Rhythm Festival, while studying world music at the University of Oregon. He plays a variety of musical genres and has most recently begun studying Latin instruments such as Conga and Cajon. Chaz will to travel to India in the first part of 2006, to study tabla in depth with the master player Vishal Nagar.
Madeline Madelaine Coffman (vocals, mezzo soprano)
After many years in the Opera scene, Madeline has ventured into the world of fusion.  With her classical trianing, and extensive experience singing in multiple languges, the transition from Opera to world fusion has been rather enoyable.  Committed to the viability of the performing arts in the marketplace, she established Heretic Opera to support modern stories and cross-disciplinary collaboration through entrepreneurial ventures. Heretic Opera’s upcoming production, Valentine, is based upon her original story and libretto. Madelaine received her training at Mannes College of Music (NY), HB Studios (NY), Portland Actors Conservatory, and Portland State University. Her work in rebuilding a pre-professional program for local opera students at Portland State University was recognized with the 2007 Student Leader of the Year Award. Her first experience in directing and producing, Dido and Aeneas, was designated a “Best Bet” by The Oregonian newspaper.
Massude Massude Tahmassbi (guitar, vocals)
Born in Lima, Peru, Massude is a virtuoso on guitar and a song writer. Having grown up in a musical family, performing came naturally to him, at a young age. In his late teens, he began expressing his thoughts and emotions through his original compositions, while maintaining a strong hold on his improvisational skill. Later on, he ventured into the realm of world music, and reconnected with his Persian heritage through learning the popular music on Iran. Massude plans expanding his knowledge and repertoire in addition to composing new original pieces for the band.

Adam Weiner (percussion, drums)
A native of New York, Adam weiner has been drumming his whole life. He started on drum set, playing in the rock jam band Synesthesia. He starting pursuing world music in 1985 at San Diego State University, where he studied Middle Eastern music with William Shaheen. In 1995 he received an M.F.A in world music at California Institute of the Arts. There he studied frame drums and hand drumming with John Bergamo and Glen Velez, Latin percussion with Efrain Torro and South Indian Percussion with Poovalur Srinivasn. He also served as chief dance accompanist for modern dance classes at CALARTS. Upon arriving in Portland he began studying Persian Tombak with Maestro Hossein Salehi , and has performed at numerous Iranian festivals in Portland. Adam has played with with Brother's of the Balladi, Tree frogs, Funk Shui , Agamus, Krebsic Arkestra, Raz, Negara and has accompanied Flamenco guitarist Mark Ferguson. Adam works as a public school music teacher in Portland Or., and is currently furthering his study of North Indian music by studying tabla with Rik Masterson.


Jean Mastaler (violin, viola)
A native of Vermont, Jean begain playing the violin at the age of 5, and has recently added the viola to her arsenal. He has studied string performance extensiviely at the University of Oregon and Portland Sate Univeristy. In addition to her academic training and research, Jean has performed in numer orchestras, ensembles and chamber groups such as the Columbia symphony orchestra, Opera Theater Oregon, Willamette Falls Symphony Orchesta and Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Complimentary to her classical music experience, Jean has ventured into the realm of World music and continmues to pursure her interest in the folk and art music of Latin America.

Nat Hulskamp (guitar, oud)
Nat was born in Portland, OR. He has studied gamelan music and lived in Bali, Indonesia. His interest in Flamenco led him to study with Tarik and Julia Banzi of Al Andalus. He continued to pursue his interest in the Arabic roots of flamenco with study in Morocco. After returning to the US, he moved to Seattle to study ethnomusicology at the University of Washington. There he worked with the groups Carmona Flamenco, The Rez Quartet and others ranging in style from Hungarian Csardas and Gypsy swing to flamenco. He now resides in Portland, where he performs regularly with râz , Shabâvâ (his other join project with Bobak), and Puro Arte Flamenco Dance Company. Visit Nat's website.

Al Criado (electric bass)
A native of Cuba, Al has toured internationally with a wide array of jazz and Latin jazz stars, as well as keeping a heavy load of students. Some of the more outstanding jazz artists include Gary Hobbs (Chase Music), Russian pianist Andrei Kitaev, Ed Bisquera and Suzi Stern-Luna. His most recent project has been the construction of his state-of-the-art recording studio, where he can focus more on recording and producing.
Bernardo Bernardo Gomez (acoustic bass)
Bernardo Gomez first started playing the acoustic bass in the 6th grade. After a few years he joined the Portland Youth Philharmonic Preparatory orchestra. Two years later he graduated from the Prep where he eventually became sectional leader of the Portland Youth Philharmonic. He attended Mt Hood Community College for two years before being awarded a music scholarship to the University of Arizona in Tucson. After College Bernardo spent some time exploring Jazz before returning to his Latin roots.
Julia Julia Kusanovic (cello, accordion)
With over twelve years of experience playing the cello, Julia has performed in several ensembles ranging from the Corvallis Youth Symphony, the Willamette Falls Symphony and the Portland State University Symphony, to small quartets and groups, such as her current association with the Teacups Quintet and the chamber pop group Unicorn Survival Guide. Although Julia began playing traditional classical works with the Suzuki method, she has since broadened her repertoire and now enjoys playing contemporary jazz works by composers such as cellists Mark Summers and Eugene Friesen.  Julia is currently pursuing a degree in Music Performance at Portland State University with an emphasis in Composition. Three years ago, in what began as a side project, Julia began playing the accordion, but it has since evolved into a second musical passion for her. This has provided her with the opportunity to play with the Portland-based Russian punk gypsy group Vragi Naroda, occasionally opening for the well-known local group of a similar genre, Chervona.   Julia’s ever-expanding accordion repertoire also includes classical, contemporary, Latin, Cajun and Irish styles of music.
Martin Zarzar (percussion, guitar, vocals)
Martin was born in Lima, Peru. He began to study drum-set and hand percussion at age thirteen, and his professional music career began at age fifteen in Portland, OR when he met the group Al Andalus, with whom he traveled, performed, and recorded. In 1996 he was awarded a scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, and he now holds a Magna Cum Laude Bachelor's Degree in Drum-Set Performance. He has traveled as a performer to Europe, Canada, South America, and within the United States, performing alongside Simon Shahin, Jamey Haddad, and Pink Martini, among others.

Annie Chen (flute, piano)
Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Annie moved to the Portland metro area before her second birthday. She began her musical endeavors on the piano at the age of 5, under the supervision of her aunt, Grace Chen. At 10 she
ventured into the the realm of woodwinds on the flute. Annie earned a B.S. in Music from University of Oregon (graduated 2000) and has played in various prestigous ensembles such as the University Symphony (at the University of Oregon) and the Metropolitan Youth Symphony. When not performing, Annie enjoys her career in advertising sales and floral design.